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八月 3rd, 2011 by yangyao | Filed under 专业的学习.

for these days i am busy with css code .
for my job is to bulid a webpage .
that’s not easy thing for me . i never get teached with webpage design.
so that’s my first time to build a webpage in one company.
3 weeks before i was quit confient ,in my mind css just a easy job .
but i am wrong .althrough i don’t need to write php code .
now i found i was not suit for these job .
the chef reason is that i was green .before that ,no noe teached me how to write css code .
the second reason is that i always feel hopeless .and great press was on my shouder.
i am new here i konw little .i need time to stydy .
but this is a company ,all they want was the resault they don’t have time to promove me.
so what i can do was nothing .tha’s why i am going to leave.
i was so sad .but that just a start ,in the future i will code better.
so i deside go back to school to continue my phpscript.
tha’s is the way i must comeover.



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